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Take a moment to get settled in. Maybe buckle up if you feel the need because you’re about to be blown away.

What is a Living Draft Guide?

The era of magazines is over. As both the world and the fantasy sports industry continue to evolve, Fantasy Alarm remains at the helm of draft guide innovation in an effort to bring you the most updated content for your fantasy baseball draft prep.  To provide you with an actual draft magazine, rankings and articles must be done in November and December so they can be published and distributed in time for both Spring Training and your drafts. While that is something we are able to accomplish, it does you no good with regard to free agent player movement that takes place at the MLB Winter Meetings and in January. How can you project what a player will bring to the table statistically if you don’t even know what team he will play for in the upcoming season?

Our online version can be updated daily to reflect any and all changes that take place in the MLB universe. Our player rankings will be updated regularly to reflect any and all free agent signings, injuries and position battles as we slowly roll out our articles, you can be assured that everything you read will be accurately presented with the most current information.

If it is a tangible stack of pages you crave, our printable PDF version updates daily as well so feel free to invest in a ream of paper and some extra ink.

GM Jim Bowden Leads the Way for Fantasy Alarm Again

Our staff at Fantasy Alarm is first-rate when it comes to fantasy baseball knowledge, but the addition of GM Jim Bowden to lead the charge last season was such a huge success, he's back again for another year. If you missed out last season's offerings, you probably didn't win. Now imagine the success you will have when you start to learn how to be a successful fantasy GM from an actual MLB General Manager. Not only will Jim Bowden guide you through player evaluations, winning strategies and trade negotiations, but he will also be on-hand to provide you with insights into the front offices of all 30 MLB teams. A proven winner, Jim Bowden is now at your disposal for everything you need to bring home that championship trophy.

What can you expect to find inside the Fantasy Alarm MLB Living Draft Guide? Here is just a sampling of the content you will receive:

2019 Player Rankings – Every position will be broken down for mixed leagues as well as for AL and NL-only play. They will be updated regularly to reflect any and all changes between now and the start of the 2018 MLB season.

30 Fantasy Baseball Strategies – The Fantasy Alarm staff will provide you with the strategies they employ each year and help guide you towards making the right decisions. From targeting particular players to in-draft adjustments to making in-season category-specific decisions, our team of fantasy baseball experts are prepared to help you every step of the way. We know winning a championship doesn’t end with your draft which is why our strategies are designed to aid you from Opening Day to Game 162.

Fantasy Baseball Player Profiles – Sometimes you need to get more in-depth when discussing a particular player. Rankings can only take you so far. That’s why our team will spend this offseason breaking down a number of MLB players who we anticipate having a serious impact, both good and bad, on fantasy rosters everywhere.

MLB Rookies Analysis – Everyone loves the shiny, new toys, right? Beginning with Jim Bowden’s Top-25 MLB Rookies, our team of analysts will provide you with player evaluations and insights into this year’s crop of youngsters. We’ll deliver to you which players are primed for a 2018 impact and which ones you should look at for your keeper and dynasty leagues as well.

Front-Office Insights -- Curious as to what goes on behind the scenes of a Major League Baseball Club? Do you feel like inside information from real life General Managers will help your fantasy game? We do. That's why Howard Bender and Jim Bowden sit down for a podcast series where they bring you all the front office information from all 30 teams.

Traditional Fantasy Baseball Articles – Who doesn’t love a Top-20 list of sleepers and busts? Looking for closers? How about thoughts on free agent movement? Which injury-prone players should you avoid this season? We have articles to cover everything you need while answering any and all questions you may have.

Need-to-Know Statistics – Looking to understand sabermetrics? Wondering how to understand BABIP trends? Which players are improving their plate discipline? How do you use the array of new pitching statistics we are continuously inundated with each year? We’ll break down everything from contact rates to swinging-strike totals and everything in between.

Daily Fantasy Baseball – Are you ready to build up that DFS bankroll? We are and we’re ready to take you along for the ride. Our DFS team will be breaking down hitting and pitching statistics and match-ups on a daily basis this season and our DFS Corner here in the Draft Guide will teach you everything from how to use the Playbook Pro to lineup construction for both cash games and tournaments. We don’t just give you a fish so you can eat for a day. We teach you to fish so you can eat for a lifetime.

MLB Draft Guide Audio/Video Series – This is where we really take things to the next level. We understand that not everyone has time to sit down and read a lengthy article on strategy or player insights, so why not get the condensed version in a short podcast or video? We’ll have a number of strategy sessions, player profiles, position analysis and even interviews with MLB players, managers and GMs available to you as part of this year’s Draft Guide.

Had enough yet? Neither have we. Everything you’ve just read only scratches the surface. This isn’t just a fantasy baseball draft guide. This is an experience. So dig your heels in and get ready. The Fantasy Alarm team is about to take you and your fantasy baseball knowledge to an entirely new level. We hope you enjoy the ride.

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Howard Bender

V.P. of Operations & Head of Content