Deciding who the “must-have” fantasy baseball player of the 2019 MLB season is not an easy task. We all have our favorites, we all have our strategies and there are certainly times when the two don’t always mesh. However, one thing I think we can all agree upon is how highly-valued starting pitching is this season. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the need to use a high draft pick on starters increase exponentially. The concept of waiting on starting pitching is a thing of the past and you need a quality 1-2 punch as the foundation of your rotation. And this goes for all leagues – roto, head-to-head, categories, points, whatever.

The “1” in your 1-2 punch is obviously an elite starter. If you like Max Scherzer and he’s available, grab him. Chris Sale ? Absolutely. Jacob deGrom ? Yup. If none of those options are available and you prefer to build your offense with your first couple of picks, then you should be just fine with Justin Verlander , Blake Snell , Aaron Nola or