Welcome to the DFS Optimal Lineups for NFL Week 13!

Been quite the last 48 hours, has it not? Between the Kareem Hunt news and some of the late-breaking injury stories we've got some interesting options. There hasn't been much change for a lot of the Playbook guys which is actually a bonus. We're hearing that Marlon Mack is going to be cleared and able to play, so that puts him a little higher up on my board, but not at the expense of some of the guys like Aaron Jones or Phillip Lindsay . Based on the Ownership Forecaster, Spencer Ware is going to be a hot commodity and the most-likely second RB in a lot of lineups. I'm still looking at him as a flex option, especially on FanDuel because, while you want him to keep pace with the field, I'm still looking at pairing McCaffrey or Gurley with Lindsay as my RB base.

Lots of directions to go, so here are a few examples for you to compare to your own lineups.