While it may seem like we have a world of changes at the running back position every week, that’s actually not the case at all. Have there been changes? Yes. Some. But not a lot. The biggest obstacle for fantasy owners this year is coaches’ usage, not injuries. Sure, we’re dealing with a few bumps and bruises, but look at the situations causing the most aggravation – Green Bay, Baltimore, Miami, Denver and Chicago. In each situation, the coach has decided to either run with a committee or just simply not use the primary as a bell-cow and it’s killing us. When you look at just how many committees we’re subjected to and then combine them with the injuries we’ve had – and, of course, Le’Veon Bell’s hold-out – we’re looking at one of the biggest disaster years at the position in years. I honestly cannot remember the last time it was this bad.

Nevertheless, the changes on the Handcuff Grid are minor in quantity. In quality…well, that’s a different story.

Atlanta Falcons