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The Playbook Pro is the Fantasy Alarm premium subscription service loaded with content and tools which cater to both seasonal and daily fantasy baseball players. At one time there was a distinct separation between the two, but with the rise of seasonal leagues that utilize daily roster moves, we have found that the two seem to go hand-in-hand and research for one style inevitably becomes helpful to your game in the other as well.

Our primary goal here at Fantasy Alarm is to make you a better fantasy player, whether it’s for seasonal play or DFS, and we have designed the Playbook Pro to teach you how to succeed at that through our tools.  We want you to improve your quality of research, make better and more-informed decisions and, when it comes to the DFS game, teach you how to choose the right contests, construct the right lineups and, ultimately, win money. 

Our belief in creating a winning culture for FA Nation is going to be infectious. We have the best tools in the industry. We have the strongest staff on both the seasonal and daily sides. We are eager to help you improve your overall game and there is no doubt the Playbook Pro will be your one-stop shop for a successful MLB season. Just check out the list of everything the Playbook Pro offers you for the MLB season:


From prospect articles to category-specific strategies to a study of managerial tendencies, the MLB team studies a number of different angles for improving your in-season strategy and daily play. We’ll discuss all the latest happenings on a daily basis, examine hot and cold streaks, help you find players who may fly under the radar everywhere else and more.

DFS Playbook

The DFS playbook will provide an in-depth look at the day’s slate as our DFS analysts go through all of the statistics, splits and match-ups to uncover the very best DFS MLB players of the day.  Use the DFS playbook as a guide when building your lineups.

Hitting and Pitching Coach

The DFS Hitting and Pitching coach takes the DFS playbook one step further and really breaks down the top matchups a little bit more in depth to narrow down the best plays of the day.

DFS Optimal Lineups

Here is where you are going to see some changes from the way we used to do things around here. We cannot stress it enough – we are not in the business of selling lineups. We are in the business of teaching you how to build your own successful lineups and, as such, we will be focusing more on the concept of lineup construction using all of the tools Fantasy Alarm has to offer. The example lineups will be steeped solely in Fantasy Alarm research -- all of our content, our tools and, of course, our own Lineup Optimizer.

We will provide example lineups in an effort to show a final product from our extensive work, but in an effort to squelch all of the lineup-sharing issues our industry is currently dealing with, we will be adjusting our overall process. We feel it is important to help you stand on your own two feet rather than just taking our lineups and plugging them in as your own, so there will be some days where you may not see Optimals, but instead, an article which will offer you a core group of players around whom to build your final lineup and a variety of suggestions as to how to fill in some of the blanks with your remaining budget. We believe that, in the end, you will be a much more successful DFS player overall.

DFS Lineup Generator

Use our Lineup Generator to help build winning lineups using all of the day’s information and provided plays from our tools. Other Lineup Optimizers use projections and past raw numbers for players. Projections cannot predict “UPSIDE”. Our generator takes our analysts’ views on players and combines them with the numerical metrics to determine a player’s ultimate value and potential.

Daily Projections

Each day we will have updated projections for the day’s slate.  Using daily projections can give you an idea of which players have the best match-up purely based off the projection algorithm.  While projections are not the be-all, end-all, they are a great first-look tool when beginning to set your seasonal and daily lineups.

Batter vs Pitcher

There is a big debate in the baseball community about the relevance of BvP but we find it incredibly useful when trying to make a decision between one player or another.  If the projections are close and the match-up is similar, BvP history can often prove to be a fantastic tiebreaker.  If you notice a player has a generally large sample size, typically a divisional opponent, and has had great success against the pitcher, that information needs to be taken into consideration.

Vegas Lines

The Vegas lineups will show you who is considered the favorites and the team run totals for the game.  You can use this information to identify which pitchers Las Vegas thinks could be in line for the win and in DFS that means additional DFS points.  Looking at the implied team totals can give you a sense of which offenses are worth stacking when building your lineups.

Subscriber Chat

Subscribers to the DFS Playbook Pro gain access to live, real-time chat from 8am to 8pm ET which can be found right on the home page of Fantasy Alarm. Our analysts are available to help you with any questions, whether it’s right before DFS roster lock, trade advice or waiver suggestions. Maybe you just want to bounce a potential strategy off someone who works in the industry. Whatever you need, the chat will provide you with the forum to have all your questions answered.

So there you have it.  All the tools provided with the Playbook Pro and how best to utilize those tools when it comes to a successful and, hopefully, profitable MLB season.

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