The LCS has started off with a bang and today’s action will be as exciting as ever! From Cloud9 retaining their dominance to the emerging EG and FlyQuest, we have seen multiple storylines develop in the NA LCS. The fantasy selection is as difficult as ever so let us jump right into our best picks by position, and then look at some quality stacks and value buys.


 Nisqy ($11,700)

There is no better midlaner in the LCS, and Nisqy deserves your Captain spot every day Cloud9 has a match. While he is facing one of his toughest opponents of the split in Jizuke, he should be able to survive laning phase unscathed and rack up kills/assists in team fights.

Cloud9 should be able to defeat EG and are looking to establish themselves as back to back LCS champions.

Alternate: Zven ($12,300)


Licorice ($6,600)

Cloud9 has the best individual players pound for pound in the LCS, and Licorice should win his matchup against his former teammate Kumo. While EG recently acquired the services of star top laner Huni, he has not yet achieved his NA residency so they cannot start him if they have the combo of Bang and Jizuke elsewhere.

While Kumo is a serviceable top laner, he is no match up for the force that is Licorice.

Alternate: Ssumday ($5,600)


Broxah ($6,800)

After visa issues plagued his arrival to the LCS, Broxah has slowly built up confidence and synergy with former import Jensen and has shown why TL let Xmithie walk. Broxah’s Trundle was spicy against TSM, and he has a favorable matchup against a struggling Meteos.

While Blaber is an excellent choice, he is significantly more expensive and jungle is definitely a place you want to prioritize cost-effectiveness over carry potential.

Alternate: Blaber ($7,400)


PowerofEvil ($7,000)

The German import has finally found a good home to potentially win an LCS title and a matchup against Bjergsen should favor PoE. With an excellent kill participation rate against Immortals, he will look to translate that to a tougher yet beatable TSM.

Alternate: Jensen ($7,200)


Tactical ($7,200)

While he is not going to provide consistently flashy plays like his predecessor, Tactical is a stable ADC you can rely on to a) not die b) farm c) get a high kill participation rate. This is the winning formula for drafting in fantasy League and I’m excited to see his matchup against a similar opponent in Cody Sun.

Alternate: Zven ($8,200)


IgNar ($5,000)

In League of Legends you want to funnel your gold to your carries (ADC, mid, top, or jungler) and that means supports are expected to have high assist totals but low kill totals. IgNar does everything you want out of a good support and has a stable ADC that you trust to get kills to boost IgNar’s assist total.

Alternate: CoreJJ ($5,400)


Team Flyquest ($4,800)

While Cloud9 are the best team competing today, they are more likely to lose their game than FlyQuest so I am going to save the $1,200 and roll with the defenders of mother nature. FlyQuest have been building their brand as a tier-one organization and as a competitive team in the LCS, and I believe this is their best chance to prove their competitive nature on a big stage.

Alternate: Team Liquid ($5,400)

Top Players, Stacks, and Value Picks

Top Players: Nisqy, Licorice, Blaber, Jensen, Zven, CoreJJ, and Cloud9

Top Stacks: Zven and Nisqy, Jizuke and Licorice, Jensen and CoreJJ

Top Values: Jiizuke, Ssumday, Svenskeren, Froggen, Cody Sun, Aphromoo, and Team Dignitas