Folks, this is can’t miss League of Legends today. Every match matters in some regard. Rogue and MAD Lions are tied again for first and G2 esports is two wins behind them. Final seeding in the playoff tournament is at stake and four teams will be left in the cold. Will this be the first European tournament without Fnatic? Will Gilius lead the miracle run? Will we have a new organization hoist the LEC Championship Cup? I am so dialed in so let's go. 

Game #1: Team Vitality versus Misfits

Cann’s Pick: Team Vitality

Game #2: MAD Lions versus Schalke 04

Cann’s Pick: Schalke 04 (The dream run doesn’t end!)

Game #3: Rogue versus Origen

Cann’s Pick and lock of the week: Rogue

Game #4: G2 versus Excel Esports Cann’s Pick: G2 Esports

Game #5: Fnatic versus SK Gaming

Cann’s Pick: SK Gaming 

Fantasy Value Breakdown 

Captain (1.5x Points)

Tier 1: Larssen (Rogue/$11,100): There is literally not a single pick better here. Averaging almost a jaw dropping 30 FPPG and leading Rogue to a #1 overall seeding bid, Larssen is the pinnacle of stability. Behind Gilius, he is my pick for MVP for the split. Easy pick and really not that expensive either. 

Value Pick: Gilius (Schalke 04/$9,000): This is a gamble but if you believe in any sports miracles, you cannot write this one up enough. Every win for Schalke 04 has come since Gilius has joined the squad and he has turned them from an easy team to make picks against to now a darkhorse in the playoffs if they can get in. Scored 63 points in tha captain role for Saturday’s 

matches which is a massive amount, especially for a jungler. Into MAD Lions, Schalke will need God Gilius to show up. 


Tier 1: Wunder (G2 Esports/$7,200): Kryze is just bad. Excel had such a good game against Fnatic on Saturday but Kryze just couldn’t get out of his own way. Wunder isn’t super flashy anymore but G2 has been rolling over so many opponents in the last 3 weeks that this is a safe bet to stay on pace for the 20 FPPG he has thus far.

Value Pick: Finn (Rogue/$6,200): No joke, he is a cheaper Wunder. Rogue are into Origen who are broken, beaten, and out of playoffs. They somehow have taken the best top laner in Europe (Alphari) and relegated him to a level of uselessness I didn’t think possible. Finn had 1 kill, no deaths, and 7 assists in their match up against a much more difficult MAD Lions squad. This should be easy cheap points for you here. 


Tier 1: Gilius (Schalke 04/$6,000): Ed are you picking INTO the number 1 seeded MAD Lions? Yup, I am. I don’t think they have really come to play this weekend after nabbing themselves upper bracket and World’s bid with their win on Friday. Schalke 04 are playing for something and I think in competition, that has to mean something. Oh yeah, and he is averaging 26.7 FPPG as well... so that just makes him a safe bet.

Value Pick: Skeanz (Team Vitality/$6,200): I cannot believe I am putting down Skeanz as a value pick. I think you could pick up the likes of Trick or Inspired as well, Team Vitality should make quick work of Misfits in this match. G2 exploited Misfits in a way most have all split on Friday by constantly attacking the mid lane with their jungler. If Skeanz comes mid for Milica like Jankos did for Caps, Skeanz will get HUGE assist numbers in this matchup. Team Vitality... read the playbook that has already been written please. 


Tier 1: Larssen (Rogue/$7,400): Please... this is too affordable and too good of a pick to not pick somewhere. Don’t be like me on Friday and doubt Larssen. He only has 24 deaths in 17 games which is INSANE. He is safe and carries his team. Easy points.

Value Pick: ZaZee (SK Gaming/$6,200): Nemesis is hot garbage and so is Fnatic. I would not doubt the organization getting rid of 2-3 players in the offseason including their mid laner. ZaZee has almost 2 more KDA than Nemesis and over 20 more assists than the Fnatic mid laner. Be smart and save some cash by picking up ZaZee here. 


Tier 1: Hans sama (Rogue/$7,400): Hans sama is such a solid ADC in the LEC. He has a 7.2 KDA and plays safely throughout the game. I think Hans sama gets lost in the hustle and bustle of the LEC because he isn’t overly flashy and the bulk of his KDA does come from assists but I think that doesn’t take away from his value. He is into Upset from Origen, but Origen cannot muster anything that seems like a fight at this point. Look for solid numbers out of Hans sama with limited risk here. 

Value Pick: Patrik (Excel Esport/$6,000): Do I think Excel will win this match? No. Do I think Excel will pump every possible resource into Patrik? Absolutely. Their win condition against G2 is 100% through Patrik so you should expect gold and kills to be funneled onto him. This is a risky pick because if I know Excel’s win condition, so does G2 and they will throw a lot at Patrik. But he is absolutely the cheapest option for the ADC role. 


Tier 1: Vander (Rogue/$5,400): I would pick up Vander especially if you pick up Hans sama. In the direct matchup in the support role, Origen’s Jactroll is an absolute dumpster fire. He is averaging a FPPG of less than 10 (this is STUNNING) and he finds new and creative ways to intentionally feed during a game. Vander is safe and puts protecting Hans sama safe which will lead to HUGE assist numbers. Easy lock here.

Value Pick: Dreams (Schalke 04/$4,200): This pick is VERY biased. I think Schalke come out to play against MAD Lions who have very little to lose in this match.Dreams is a solid support and I love when he is on hard engage champions like Nautilus or Thresh but I am not a fan of him on picks like Morgana or Bard. Neon has been popping off as of late which should mean that his current 16 FPPG should be less than what he actually gets in this game. Believe in the Schalke 04 run. 


Tier 1: Rogue ($5,400): Great pick up and a probable #1 overall seed going into the Summer Split Playoffs. Origen have nothing to play for and their mid/jungle/support play has been horrific this split so I expect a solid slower game out of Rogue. Another positive point to this pick is their control over neutral objectives and the number of turrets they take in a match. They go for full wins which means maximum number of points from a team who wins in over 30 min. Take it to the bank.

Value Pick: SK Gaming ($4,600): I think Fnatic are terrible. I want them to be out of the playoffs and take this split as a reminder to not settle. SK Gaming is filled with young talent who are hungry to make the 4th seed and Fnatic seem to be resting on “We will make it into playoffs and be fine”. Fnatic have a feeding top laner in Bwipo and support in Hyllisang which is coupled with a mid laner (Nemesis) who makes no impact on a match. I think while SK’s jungler (Trick) can fall behind at times, he can make the plays to keep them in and ZaZee and Crownshot can carry the damage in late game team fights. 

Value Combos:

*Hans sama and Vander (ADC and Support/Rogue/$12,800): This price for the best performing bot lane in the league? Please. Easy lock here. They are facing Origen and Jactroll who cannot stop diving into the enemy team and dying for no reason so this should be easy pickings here for you. 

*Caps and Jankos (Mid and Jungle/G2 Esports/$15,600): This is an expensive pick but shows value after Friday’s matches. Caps is the key to G2 winning and Jankos will make sure he gets a lead in the early game. Picking these two up double dip into the points Caps will earn you for kills against Excel’s mid laner Special. 

Top Picks: Caps, Larssen, Gilius, Hans sama, ZaZee: Easy picks to make because they are top performers and will score quite a few points in their match ups. A few of these players are expensive so use them wisely and think about picking them in their roles rather than captain to save salary space. 

Top Value: Crownshot, Patrik, Milica, Cabchard: These picks are going to run you less money against your salary cap, but are a little more of a risk. I think they have decent match ups for Sunday but can easily flip on their heads. Select wisely and use to make up for more expensive picks.

Example Lineups

Please note these lineups are not meant for plug and play but examples of lineups that can be created using the playbook

Captain (x1.5 Points): Caps (G2 Esports) >>>>Pivot>>>> Larssen (Rogue) 

Top: Jenax (SK Gaming)

Jungle: Gilius (Schalke 04)

Mid: Larssen (Rogue) >>>>Pivot>>>> Caps (G2 Esports)

ADC: Hans sama (Rogue)

Support: Vander (Rogue)

Team: SK Gaming