UPDATE (8:57AM ET) - Cars going to the rear include Jones, Reddick, Bowman, Logano, Houff (for backup cars)... Elliott and McLeod as well (Transmission changes)... Byron and Preece (Engine Changes). Awaiting Tech Results as well.

We had a solid race overall on Saturday. Reddick, Jones, and Elliott all crapped the bed, but all in all I had a profitable day, and I hope you did as well. I didn’t play Cash games on Saturday because I thought Sunday would be a better race for Cash and I do admit I may have been wrong because there is a ton of Cash game chalk for Sunday’s race. This Playbook is starting to be written prior to post-race tech inspections so the starting order on Sunday is subject to change. But we saw on Saturday that track position is key and the SHR cars had a solid pit strategy to maintain track position for most of the day. With that said, I present to you the MCI for Sunday’s race.

DraftKings Cash Games: 7.5/10

DraftKings GPP’s: 4.0/10

FanDuel Cash Games: 8.0/10

FanDuel GPP’s: 5.5/10

Projections have been updated for Sunday’s race and the Track Breakdown has been updated as well so be sure to send Matt some love since he’s up late on a Saturday cranking out updates. He was also kind enough to update the charts below...