LCS rolls onto Friday, featuring a winless Dignitas facing an Immortals roster who has been capable of tussling with the higher ranked teams, but can’t quite close out games. On the other hand, FlyQuest (assumingly with an AD substitution) throws down against a revamped 100 Thieves roster.


PowerofEvil ($11,400)

If MasH was absolutely playing, we would likely choose him. However, MasH playing in academy yesterday is extremely indicative that FlyQuest will select Wildturtle to fill the ADC spot tonight. Additionally, PowerofEvil is playing against a Ryoma who has consistently failed to find his form. He had a few standout games (such as Azir vs TSM) but overall, Ryoma has been a disappointment for 100 Thieves, who continually finds their mid lane spot lacking. On the other hand, PowerofEvil has been a consistent positive for FlyQuest and was one of the only players who weren’t on Cloud 9 that was in MVP contention in spring. If you want to roll the dice, choose Insanity, a young growing mid laner who plays fantastically in the early game, but is seemingly consumed by nerves as the game progresses.

Alternatives to consider: Insanity ($7,200)

Top Lane

Ssumday ($6,000)

It’s math. Ssumday has a higher KDA than Solo, he’s on a more valuable team to pick players from (we certainly do not want to pick anyone else off 100 Thieves), and he’s cheaper. Ssumday hasn’t been having the split of his career, but he is definitely the bright spot on this train crash 100 Thieves roster. Additionally, Contractz and Poome certainly do appear to be upgrades over Meteos and Stunt. As far as a “sack” player is concerned, we cannot recommend Ssumday more. Big thumbs up to him. If you want to go with the winning team, Solo is by no means a bad choice, we just prefer Ssumday here.

Alternatives to consider: Solo ($6,600)


Santorin ($7,200)

A big reason for FlyQuest’s cohesiveness this split comes down to the consistent performances Santorin is providing for his team. Santorin is the polar opposite of junglers like Contractz and Blaber, and is much more controlled and reserved in nature. This steady playstyle has allowed FlyQuest to have a better control of games and enabled them to take down the more unwieldly teams such as Evil Geniuses and nearly Team Liquid until a bad through bit them back. That being said, FlyQuest’s ADC substitution is extremely questionable, so while we give props to Santorin, their bottom lane is a risky bet for the rest of their team. If that concerns you, we’d throw it to his opponent, Contractz. While FlyQuest generally does well against the more aggressive teams, a good mid/jg 2v2 is capable of snapping them such as what Golden Guardians did to them earlier in the split. Ryoma and Contractz don’t seem extremely threatening, but it was only last week that Contractz was promoted, and we are not capable of knowing their true power level yet.

Alternatives to consider: Contractz ($6,200)

Mid Lane

Insanity ($7,200)

PowerofEvil or Insanity, choose one for captain and one for the actual mid lane spot hands down. Fenix looked extremely bad last week and Ryoma has been inconsistent since his arrival in North America. These gaps are grand canyons. Insanity isn’t the most consistent player, and has thrown a few games he’s played in, but he is absolutely a diamond in the rough. He has the makings of a great North American mid laner in him, and the things that hold him back are fixable with coaching and time. Ryoma has been showing questionable growth, but Fenix has been playing the same way since 2015. The choices here are obvious, the easiest out of any role. If you picked a different player for your captain, you should pick PowerofEvil here.

Alternatives to consider: PowerofEvil ($7,600)


Apollo ($7,600)

Apollo and Hakuho haven’t been the force they were on EnVy or Clutch Gaming, but they are better than their form on Echo Fox. Apollo smurfed through academy last year and was a definite upgrade over Altec. Hakuho has been performing on the questionable side throughout this split but we have faith in him to still provide us a servicable performance. Johnsun and Aphromoo have been stepping it up this split, but with teammates like Dardoch and Fenix, we really cannot justifiably give them the green light. They’re good budget players, but being on a losing team is fundamentally harmful to your score. Apollo is one of the best Ezreals in North America, and if he gets his hands on it, his KDA is going to explode. If you want to go for a different ADC, go for Cody Sun. We have very little faith in Wildturtle to give us a great performance after his mediocre substitution to academy.

Alternatives to consider: Cody Sun ($7,200)


Hakuho ($5,400)

As described above, Hakuho has been on the questionable side this split. Hakuho used to be one of the best supports in the league, and legend says TSM still have nightmares about the Hakuho Thresh. However, Aphromoo observably has had issues in the past regarding motivation, and we believe a 0-8 start is a pretty bad motivating factor. Immortals are at the cusp of making it into play-offs over 100 Thieves, and their close games against both Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses may just be the push they need to cross that leap between ninth up to eighth. If you aren’t convinced by the Immortals redemption arc, we’d select IgNar. None of the other supports have been particularly breath taking, Aphromoo has been good but IgNar wins for the fact alone that he isn’t going to get stuck dying for Fenix and Dardoch to do nothing in teamfights. IgNar may have had some shaky performances this split, but we’d take him and his flashes of absolute brilliance over the other picks.

Alternatives to consider: IgNar ($5,800)


Immortals ($5,200)

Never before has been betting on the second to last team felt so good! While Immortals may be on a losing streak, they’ve had to face off against the  first, second, and fourth place team in the LCS consecutively. The old Immortals roster seriously screwed IMT in the first round robin, and their match against Dignitas is their consolation prize. This roster has looked leaps and bounds ahead of their previous one, and if they’re capable of fitting the pieces together they’re realistically around sixth or seventh place. If you hate the idea of betting on the seventh place team, you can go ahead and bet on FlyQuest, but 100 Thieves could be a hidden tiger with their revamped roster, and Wildturtle deters us to an extent due to his poor performance in academy.

Alternatives to consider: FlyQuest ($5,400)

Top Stacks

Apollo & Hakuho

These two are the PB&J of League of Legends. They’ve been playing together since around 2017 and were at one point the two players who have played the longest time together. While they’ve never cracked into absolute stardom, they have been a bright spot on their otherwise bad teams most of the time. Unfortunately, Apollo seems to lack that true carry firepower that some other ADCs provide, but he is very rarely a hindrance on their path to victory.

PowerofEvil & Santorin

I do believe I once referred to FlyQuest’s gameplay as “watching paint dry” and I definitely believe that these two are the architects behind such a maddening playstyle. If you want to watch a game where a lot of minions are farmed on champions that scale, FlyQuest is prime content. Santorin leads the KDA of all junglers at an unreasonable 7.5, and it shows too. PowerofEvil is a neo-Froggen-esque player who chooses control or carry mages and spends much of the early game in lane in order to ramp up for the inevitable teamfights and skirmishes. These two are as controlled as it gets, and make for great choices to get easy points.

Aphromoo & Johnsun

This one is our wildcard of the day. Aphromoo and Johnsun are the bright spots on a team that has failed to win a single game this split. If Dignitas do win, it’s very likely it’ll be one of them making a game winning play. You’re practically getting paid to take these guys too, which is helpful. Over all, while we wouldn’t bet anything on these guys, if you need a sack player, one of these two guys are a pretty good bet.

Top Picks: Santorin, PowerofEvil, Insanity

Mid gap is big between these teams and Santorin is the jungle KDA leader in a landscape that’s ruled by Cloud 9: in fact, Blaber is in contention for the best jungler in the league, and he doesn’t even hold the #1 KDA in his own position! That’s impressive enough for Santorin. PowerofEvil is good, as discussed before, and Insanity is a B+ mid laner on a day where the flunkies come out to play.

Top Value: Ssumday, Cody Sun, Johnsun

Ssumday having good statistics on this kind of a team is seriously impressive. He’s not on top of it like he used to be, but having a team perform like this makes it nearly impossible. Cody Sun has been shaking since his performances in the past, but Poome may be the shot in the arm he needs to return to form, especially since Stunt was a seriously bottom tier support. Johnsun is mostly the same, and while he’s observably become complacent, that complacency still stalls him much higher than the 10th place Dignitas as a team have earned for themselves. Each of these guys come at a bargain, and there’s shame in picking any of them.