Welcome to another edition of the Fantasy Hockey Injury Report. The fantasy hockey playoffs are here, and so are the injuries. You can’t avoid them, but we can get a head start and plan around them. The injury report will be out every week to help you plan the rest of your fantasy hockey week. Let’s take a look at which key players are dealing with injuries. 

Nathan MacKinnon - Colorado Avalanche - Center

Injury: lower-body, one-to-two weeks.

The Colorado Avalanche are dealing with a bunch of injuries, and you can now add Nathan MacKinnon to the list. He is expected to miss one-to-two weeks with a lower-body injury. He left Monday’s game against Los Angeles early, and did not return. Colorado is already missing their starting goalie (Grubauer), their best defenceman (Makar), and now they are without MacKinnon. Fantasy hockey playoffs have just begun, which makes the timing of this injury even worse. Hopefully it’s just one week, but we won’t know for sure until the...