Welcome to another edition of the Fantasy Hockey Injury Report. The season is now in full swing, and so are the injuries. You can’t avoid them, but we can get a head start and plan around them. The injury report will be out every week to help you plan the rest of your fantasy hockey week. Let’s take a look at which key players are dealing with injuries. 

Joonas Korpisalo - Columbus Blue Jackets - Goalie

Injury: knee, four-to-six weeks.

It’s only fitting that the final injury report of the year starts with an injured Columbus Blue Jackets player. Not only did they lose that game because NHL officials and the league are trash, but Joonas Korpisalo is expected to miss four-to-six weeks due to a torn meniscus. John Tortorella was hot after the game, and he had every right to be. The NHL should have come out and said that they made a mistake, but they decided to do nothing, as they continue to hide and not accept responsibility. The Blue Jackets just can’t catch a break, and...