Earlier in this series of strategy articles for the living Draft Guide, I was tasked with writing an article entitled “Targeting Multi-Category Contributors” in which the benefits of drafting players with across-the-board production were extolled. That makes it somewhat ironic that I have also been tasked with writing this article that is designed to highlight hitters who can contribute in specific categories. It’s what they call a paradox.

In the multi-category contributors article, I wrote the following:

“Focusing on multi-cat contributors allows you to build a deep, flexible roster. You’re less susceptible to devastating injuries, and you have more options as far as the types of players you can add via waivers or trade.”

That broad-based approach is a team-building style I truly believe in. It’s a risk-averse strategy that fits my personality and has served me well over the years. Initially it seemed that writing this piece would be at odds with the multi-category...