Does this article really need much of a preamble? The title pretty much says it all. Here are three guys that have the chance to finish the season with a ranking that is significantly higher than their average draft position.

Bo Bichette , TOR

Maybe Bichette already had his breakout last year with a 142 wRC+ over 212 PA in his major league debut. But if he did, it’s not being respected by early drafters as he’s going around pick 70 overall and around 50th overall among hitters. The young Blue Jay has upside that could have him ending the season as a top-25 hitter.

The tough parts about Bichette’s debut numbers are a high BABIP and HR/FB rate. Regression should be expected in those stats, which means his batting average and home run total won’t be in line with where he was last year on a per plate appearance basis. However, if Bichette sees his strikeout rate and GB/FB ratio move toward where his numbers were in the minors, he will be able to offset some of the...