The Mock Draft Army took the night off last week so that the staff at Fantasy Alarm could have their mock draft.  The draft was a snake draft, 12 teams, roto 5x5 format and 23 player rosters with two catchers and a 5 player bench.  The participants in draft order were Greg Jewett, Ryan Hallam, Jen Piancenti’s Banana B@$her$, Colby Conway, Adam Ronis, myself, Justin Vreeland, Jon Impemba, Matt Selz, Ivar Anderson, Howard Bender, and Michael Stein.

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In draft order I cover each person’s draft with some of their thoughts and some of my own.

Greg Jewett started off the draft and only found out he had the first pick two minutes before it started.  Here are his thoughts on the first pick this year: “choosing between Ronald Acuna Jr. and Christian Yelich feels weird, but with the scarcity of stolen bases in the fantasy landscape, it's pushing Mike Trout to third in many formats.”  Greg took Acuna who has become the consensus first pick over the last...