Another devastating week to survivor pools. My pick of Carolina went down in flames as the Panthers played uninspired football and gave up tons of yards on the ground to the Redskins.  Haskins can’t throw the ball and the Panthers were still unable to stop the run. In the Yahoo pool, over 70% players lost and that pool is down to a final 133 players. Not only did the chalky Panthers lose, but the Jets and Eagles cost 15% of the losses.  If you took Green Bay or KC which were the second and third most popular choices, then you’ve moved on to Week 14.

This week we have five home favorites of over seven points to pick from and hopefully you have at least one of them remaining as an option.  If not, we’ll see who else may be an option to get you to Week 15.

The Packers got many of you to advance to this week so they may not be an option, but if you still hold that card, they are 12.5 point favorites over the Redskins.  Green Bay bounced back on the road in the snow in New Jersey against the Giants after their poor showing the week before. No one expected the Redskins to beat the Panthers, and no one should expect them to beat the Packers.  

The biggest favorites are the Vikings -13 at home against the Lions.  The Vikings played a tough game on Monday against a very good Seattle team and should be able to handle the shorthanded Lions at home.  The Vikings do like to make things interesting at times and the injury to Dalvin Cook , although at this time he says he’s playing, can give you some doubt.  They don’t have better odds to win the rest of the season, so here’s a spot to take them.

The Eagles are 8.5 point favorites on Monday night against the Giants.  They have burned quite a few this year and most have already used them. Can the Giants stop their nine game winless streak on the road? Again you wouldn’t think so, as you wouldn’t have thought the Eagles, knowing they had a chance to tie for first, could go into Miami and lose after going up by 14 in the third quarter.  They play each other again the last week of the season and the playoffs could be on the line for Philadelphia. Save them for then if you still have them as an option? I think there are better options this week than the Eagles.

The Browns are 8.5 point favorites over the Bengals at home.  Last week I said I would save the Browns for this week but their performance against the Steelers and the Bengals finally winning by going back to Andy Dalton gives me pause.  The Bengals also get John Ross back this week and that should open up the passing game even more. I’m going to fade this game as I can’t trust the Browns and their coaching staff.  The potential return of Njoku could be a slight boost to the Browns offense, but who knows what’s being cooked up in Freddie Kitchens’ kitchen.

Last of the big favorites are the Texans over the Broncos by nine in Houston.  The Texans took down the Patriots with a great performance by Deshaun Watson . The Broncos beat the Chargers on a last second field goal, or should I say the Chargers lost to the Broncos on a last second field goal?  Drew Lock looked OK in his debut as he connected with Cortland Sutton twice for touchdowns. The Texans are the superior team and should be able to handle the Broncos at home. They haven’t been a popular pick so they should be available to many of those still standing.  They are currently the second most popular choice on Yahoo after the Packers.

I believe with the Browns, Texans and Vikings, most of you should have one of these teams available to choose from, as well as those who did not take the Packers last week.  If you don’t have any of them, dare I say look at the Jets again at home against the Dolphins? Nah, I won’t say that. I think the Titans and the Steelers, both on the road, but playing fairly well are pivots you could consider.

My pick this week will be the Vikings.  Even without Dalvin Cook , they should handle the Lions at home.  It gives you a contrarian play to the popular Green Bay and Houston picks but you can use them as alternatives. Right now 78% of the Yahoo players are taking either Houston or Green Bay.  Good luck this week as you get closer to taking down your pool.