Fantasy football playoffs are here and if you are reading this, you’ve likely made the playoffs so congratulations on that.  Or maybe all your teams are eliminated and you are filling that empty void of sadness with daily fantasy lineups in which case, uh, congratulations on that I guess.  

Either way, to celebrate the start of playoffs or the end of your season we have decided to do a special edition of the snap count article.  We are still going to provide the Week 13 snap count number but, rather than going in alphabetical order, we are going to list the teams in order of how consolidated their snap shares are and how much we trust that trend to continue.  It’s playoffs, after all, so you really can’t afford to be starting a dude who gets benched by Bruce Arians for the entire game for missing a block or dropping a pass. 

  1. Panthers

  • This team has been our snap count shining star and this week they did something that solidified them as our number one...