Five weeks in and there are still surprises popping up within the snap count numbers each week, whether it be a young wide receiver quietly getting his first shot or perhaps a tight end switching from a primary blocking role to a more target friendly atmosphere.  It’s been almost a third of the season so we’ve seen what teams want to do, we’ve seen how they adjust to injury, and we can predict how they will react moving forward to best help you craft your fantasy roster.  So let’s dig in!  



· As expected, the return of Tevin Coleman send Jeff Wilson to the practice squad.  From the looks of it, Coleman and Breida will split most of the snaps moving forward likely with Breida getting extra pass work and Coleman being the go to in the goal line. 
· Kittle’s usage trended back toward ideal, blocking on only 13.3% of his pass snaps, possibly aided by additional usage of Ross Dwelley as a blocking tight end.
· Heavy usage of two tight...