Week 2 is in the books which realistically gives us the most important data set that we are going to see this season – it tells whether the trends from week 1 can be expected moving forward or whether the team is still experimenting with their player usage.

For the sake of visual aesthetics, we have decided to include a small chart of the snap


There is a lot to unpack in this one, mostly because these blowouts often muddle the snap count when backups play a decent amount.  The first point is that Jeff Wilson did his damage to put the team up 41-10 so he’s likely not going to be a fantasy asset as of now despite scoring a touchdown.  The opposite can be said for Breida who played fantastically and made one of the more creative runs of the season before being able to be rested in a big win.  That’s why the numbers themselves are only half the battle. 

Dante Pettis played significantly more than the two snaps he played last week yet still didn’t have single...