In our second round article, we set you up with some late wide receiver picks to snag that will have the other good fantasy player in your league slamming his keyboard while he whines about how he was “just about to take that guy”. In this round we’re going to give you the running backs that will hopefully slot safely into your flex or RB2 slot and live there for the rest of the season. Worst case scenario maybe you can trade them to the dude who see’s your pick and begins to wonder out loud about the health of his early pick’s knee (that’s called foreshadowing).

In this article we will be taking a hard look at the third round of the 2019 NFL draft from the perspective of a fantasy football redraft league. We’re going to outline the rookies from this round to draft, the ones to avoid, the ones to watch, and then we’ll identify the one guy we think is the biggest stud from this round. So let’s get to it.


Third-Round Rookies to Draft

David Montgomery – RB CHI